What is UI & UX design?-Difference between UI & UX- Why is it important?

You are in the process of getting a new and updated website for your business. You are excited and want to be part of what is being created. You have great ideas, but keep hearing “this is not a good UI UX practice” or “I know best UI UX practices and what I made is according to those practices”. This makes you wonder what is UI & UX design? Why does it keep popping in our conversation? And why is it important? How to know if my website has good UI UX design as the designer suggests?

We are here to answer all your questions. This post will summarize and educate on the topic so you can have a real conversation with your web designer and can grade their work based on what you read here.

What is UI & UX design?

UI means “User Interface”

while UX means “User Experience”

In the past when a new website was required, either the project was given to a graphics designer or a web developer. There were no specialist user interface designers or user experience experts.

But now, with billions of websites and apps available and thousands of competitors in each niche, Giving users the best experience possible is a must to grow your business.

This is what the combination of UI/UX is. The best UI/UX means a good combination of website design and user experience that will make the website visitor stay on the page and listen to your message.

Difference between UI and UX

UI/UX are always discussed together, which makes it somewhat confusing. What is the difference?

UI- User Interface:

As the name suggests UI means user experience. This is the graphical layout of the website. The look and feel of the website, screen layout, the buttons, the text, animations, sliders. Or if you summarize it, its everything visual that user interacts with.

This is where UI designer is involved. He decides the colors that are to be used, the shape of buttons, font, animations e.t.c. It’s upto them to make website aesthetically clean, appealing and engaging.

UX- User Experience:

UX means User Experience. This is judged by the fact that how easy or difficult it is for the visitor to find what he is looking for.

Is it easy to navigate around the website? At any given point is the visitor feeling confused or not finding what he wants to? If a visitor is on your landing page to download something, does he find it right away? Or he has to look around to find the download button or a form?

UX designer’s job involves a lot of research, analysis and AB testing. Once he finalizes the layout, it is tested on a sample audience and their feedback is valued.

UI & UX complement each other

As you can judge by the roles of both UI/UX designers, it is a collaborative work. Both cannot work independently. UX designer decides where things would go, and UI designer creates it.

Let’s say there is a new “Donate Now” button required. UX designer decides the best place for this button is next to previously placed two buttons. So the size of all three buttons would be smaller now. As the layout is decided, now the UI designer creates three new buttons of the same size, but decides the color of “Donate Now” button to be bolder than the other two, so it is visible even if the user is scrolling down.

Why good UI/UX design is important?

Intentional and strategic user experience has the potential to raise conversion rates by as much as 400%. (Forbes)

46% of online shoppers list not being able to tell what a company does as the reason for leaving a website. (KO Marketing)

Those staggering stats are a living proof of UI/UX importance. Other than that good user experience is also good for:

Good conversion rate

The main goal for every business in this world is grabbing the user’s attention. With online traffic’s attention span of a toddler, grabbing their attention is the first step to success. Good UI & UX can do that.

Can save you Cost

Computer security software company McAfee managed to cut their support calls by 90% as a result of a user interface redesign.(Pixeline)

You heard it right. Cut of support call by a 90% means no need for a huge support department.

Happy Customers

Happy experience means happy customers. If a visitor keeps getting relevant information he is searching for, he will keep coming back. Not only is he your customer, but he also would keep referring new potential customers.

How to grade your UI/UX

Now you know the importance of UI/UX to your business. What next? How to grade work of your web designers/developers?

Unfortunately, there are online tools that can do this for you as good UI/UX is a relevant term. Some might say a big button is good, while others would disagree and opt for a small button.

So how can you do analyses?

UX Check

It is a chrome extension that will help you grade your website. What it does is display “HEURISTIC EVALUATION” points next to every web page you want to grade. You can simply read those points and analyze the displayed page accordingly.

For example, regarding “Aesthetic and minimalist design” it says:

“Dialogues should not contain information which is irrelevant or rarely needed. Every extra unit of information in a dialogue competes with the relevant units of information and diminishes their relative visibility.”

There you go. You have something to grade your page for. Similarly, keep following the points and you will have an idea by the end where you stand.

Octa Digital Solutions

We at Octa digital solutions provide a free UI/UX evaluation, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Our experts deep dive into your website and grade it’s UI/UX, Responsiveness, Page Load Time, Keywords, etc, and share a comprehensive report with you. And it’s Totally FREE


  • Good UI/UX design is imperative for business growth in today’s digital age.
  • UI means User Interface
  • UX means User Experience
  • Good UI has the following elements
    • Ease of Use
    • Aesthetics
    • The Graphics
    • The Logic of Presentation
  • Good UX takes care of
    • Feelings
    • Emotions
    • Preferences
    • Perceptions
  • You can grade your website’s UI & UX manually. Or you can ask us to do an evaluation for free.


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