What Are Long Tail Keywords?-And Why are They Important?

If you are running a business in this modern digital world, you must have heard about long-tail keywords here and there. Everyone keeps saying “use long tail keywords”, or “long tail keywords are a must”. You’ve searched the internet and no concise information is available and you still wonder what are long tail keywords and why are they important for your business??? I’m here to help.

What are long tail keywords?

To put it simply “Long tail keywords are typically 3 or more words that are specific and less common to search for”

“School bag for high school girl” is a good example of a long tail keyword. Notice the search query is quite specific.

Long tail keywords help rank in search engines and increase traffic to your website.

Long tail vs short tail keywords

Let’s discuss some examples and compare short tail and long tail keywords

Short Tail

Long Tail
-School bag -School bag for girl

-School bag for high school girl

-weight loss -30 days weight loss program

-weight loss diet plan for men

-45 day weight loss program for professionals

You can see the picture right? Short tail keywords are broader terms and have more searches.

Whereas long tail keywords focus on specific searches with less search in volume.

So why Long tail keywords are important even with low search volume? Read-on to know

Why are long tail keywords important?

Let me explain 6 key advantages of long tail keywords by using the weight loss example as a test case.

1. Easy to rank for

While short tail keywords have more search volume, it is very difficult to rank for them.

Imagine you are a trainer and want to rank for “weight loss”.

You have to compete with weight loss medicine manufactures, gyms offering training for weight loss, weight loss clinics, homemade remedies,  and so on so forth. Fighting for top rank in this clutter becomes quite difficult as everyone is making efforts to rank high.

On the other hand, let’s use long tail keywords like “45-day weight loss training program for professionals”. Although it will have fewer searches than its short tail counterpart, but it will target a specific niche of professionals who are looking to lose weight in their busy working schedules. Ranking for this niche will be quite easier as compared to the other one.

2. This is how people actually search

Did you know 70% of all web searches are actually of long tail keywords? (source)

As search engines keep getting smarter, expectations from search engines also rose. Now 70% of people search for specific long tail queries instead of generic searches to get the exact information they are searching for.

3. More specific and relevant traffic

Suppose you rank in top 10 google searches for “weight loss”. You will receive a lot of traffic, but that traffic also includes visitors who are searching for “homemade weight loss recipes” and not for a trainer.

With long tail keywords like “45-day weight loss training program for professionals” only people clicking on your link are relevant professionals who want to lose weight. Your website /blog post will have less, but relevant, traffic and visitors will find useful information they were actually looking for.

4. Better conversion rates

People searching long tail keywords already know what they are looking for, which means they have done their research and are about to make a decision. And if your weight loss program is designed for professionals where they can workout out of working hours and have lunches they can eat or prepare easily in their office, chances are this is exactly what they are looking for, hence better conversion rate. Keyword optimization is also a key factor in better conversion rates. You can know more about conversion rates here

5. Better for voice searches

By 2020, 50% of all online searches will be voice searches. This means Voice is expected to be a whopping $40 billion channel by 2022. (Source)

Imagine a 35-year-old male searching for weight loss using voice search. What will the query be?

“Weight loss”


“hey google, can you search for weight loss programs around me that i can join according to my work hours?”

You guessed it right, its the second one.

Users tend to be more specific when searching through voice, and that is where your long tail strategy will pay-off well.

6. Kill two birds with one stone (figuratively)

The beauty of long tail keyword is you are not ignoring the short tail keyword after all.

“45-day weight loss training program for professionals” does have “weight loss” keyword embedded in it also. This means if you are ranking good for a long tail keyword, search engines will start ranking you for short tail keywords as well, knowing your information is useful for visitors.

What long tail keywords are important for your business?

By now you know Long tail keywords are important. But now what? How to know which keywords are important for your business?

You can start by simply searching your niche on Google. As Google shows suggestions, you will start to have an idea of what kind of content exists out there that users are typically searching for.

google search

But only a Google search is not enough, you can use these tools to search for relevant keywords, keywords ideas and difficulty to rank in for.


Perhaps the most complete and popular tool out there for keyword analysis and ideas is semrush.

Not only you can have great ideas around your keyword, you can also search and analyze what keywords your competitor is ranking for, giving you a better idea of which direction you need to head.


This tool is considered as a top tool for keyword analysis. You get to have

Keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink research, content ideas, e.t.c


Answer the public:

This tool approaches the keyword search rather differently than other tools. It shows what type of queries users can be making online and shows it visually for better understanding.

In the circle above you can clearly see what answer the public does. But it has some limitations, it does not provide data like search volume and keyword difficulty e.t.c. Still, it’s very useful.



UberSuggest is a free tool that not only gives you a good outlook of your website analysis but also gives you your competitor analyses, Top SEO pages in your niche, gives you keyword suggestions, content ideas and much more.

It’s not as impressive as Semrush or ahref, but it’s definitely up there.


If you want a tool that can be used to find relative keywords that perform good on social media, Buzzsumo is the champion. It will show you the content that is best performing on social media, How many shares and who has shared the post. This will not only help you find well-performing content, but also people interested in the topic.

Next Step?

So now you know :

-What is Long Tail Keyword

-Why is it useful

-Useful keywords for your business

What now?

-Analyze already available content on your website. You can ask us to help you out here. We are running a free website evaluation offer right now. Click here and enter details to get our experts look into your business and send you a comprehensive report. Did I mention this service is absolutely free?


-Start writing awesome content that contains specific long tail keywords. The more helpful content, better the chance of ranking it higher and get higher conversion rates.


To summarize it all

  • Long tail keywords are typically 3 or more words that are specific and less common to search for.
  • Long Tail keywords are very important for the growth of a business in today’s world.
  • Long tail keywords are easy to rank for, they are based on actual searches people do on the internet, it Drives relevant traffic to your website and helps improve conversion rates.
  • Tools like Semrush, ahref, Answer the public, Buzzsumo can help you find useful long tail keywords and also help analyze yourself and your competitor.
  • Next step would be to find useful keywords for yourself, analyze your current website and start writing awesome useful content.

If its too much work for you or if you need more help with it all, you can have a 15-minute free consultation call with our experts, no strings attached.



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