Pinterest Marketing for Cosmetic Surgery Practice

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” Dorothea Lange

Studies have shown that social media posts with Image is far more appealing than text only, thus it will receive more likes, shares, and comments.

What pictures to post? The personal ones. The impact of a personal photo is far more than the one taken from stock photos. Use images of your clinic, staff, your community, a cake baked by a patient, flowers sent as a thank you gesture, the doctor in action or at a speaking engagement, and so on. These communicate more personally with your fans and followers.

Photos of people could be happy snaps that show faces. Use names if possible

Tagging your brand’s photo assets helps you sort through your own images faster, as well as help make them easily discoverable for other users. If your goal for photo sharing is to engage your social media audience and join the ongoing conversation, use tags. If you are keen to take photos of events to share on social media, go with a network that allows you to tag other users in the photos, such as Instagram. If you are more interested in engaging with local users, take advantage of geo-tagging options on key platforms.

Pinterest Strategy

Pinterest is a platform that features digital bulletin boards where users can save and display content they like in the form of pins. You create and organize boards by category, so for example, you might start with a board dedicated to skincare where you would pin the following:

  • Our Favorite Eye Creams
  • Top Acne Tips
  • Best UV Protection, and so on.

At its most basic, Pinterest is a format for spreading joy and sharing inspiration. The concept is simple; you see something that strikes your fancy, you like it, and you pin it, so that your network of followers can enjoy it, too. While it may seem that Pinterest has a casual, friendly, and social feel to it, do not lose sight of the opportunity to create boards and add pins that have to do with your practice and the services you offer. Social consumption sites such as Pinterest are excellent marketing avenues for consumer products. Businesses establish presences on these platforms and use the unique properties of each to highlight who they are and what they do. Individuals can like or follow businesses they are interested in.

The good news for aesthetic clinics, cosmetic surgeons, and dermatologists is that Pinterest skews heavily female. Women are engaging on Pinterest much more than men in general, which is true of most social platforms. The very nature of Pinterest as an aggregate board of everyone’s pins allows users to follow friends’ interests, which tends to resonate with a female mindset. So, if you are operating on, injecting, or lasering women, or selling skincare, you should consider checking out Pinterest. It is extremely time consuming, so the last thing you want to do is have your receptionist, who should be answering the phone and taking care of patients to pay the bills, pinning in the middle of the day.

Think of Pinterest as complementary to your main social media channels and consider posting when you have good content to share that suits your online message. Pinterest is very visual; every post has to be an image or a video. Keeping pin boards organized and search-friendly by adding hashtags takes some creativity. “Pinning” allows its users to share and curate ideas by pinning images or videos to their pinboards. Users and fellow pinners can then choose to follow your boards on various consumer-friendly topics, such as body shaping, skin resurfacing, or acne skincare, for example.

Pinterest can engage consumers with images of your practice, including products and treatments, and offer up a more personal look at the doctors, staff, and mission. For example, you can create a Medical Team board and include a photo and bio for each person, and feature photos of events you have participated in, or the doctor’s personal picks for skincare products. Pinterest skews largely female, and many mothers and grandmothers, and therefore users, are very interested in knowing interesting and unique insider facts. It is like being a member of a private club, and the content should take on a more personal and entertaining tone than other platforms.

Pinterest can increase visibility among the audiences that matter and driving traffic to your website and other social networks. It is the network of choice for shopaholics and people who like to plan holidays, weddings, events, and parties, as well as travel, decorating, crafts, and design. Pinterest is also a powerful driver to popular e-commerce sites like Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, and eBay.


Boomerang: Video app—capture short moments to relive in a loop

Hyperlapse: Create stunning time-lapse videos

Layout: Create fun layouts by remixing your own photos

Repost: Repost your favorite photos and videos on Instagram while giving the credit to the

Pic Stitch: Quickly combine multiple pics or videos into one beautifully framed photo

Word Swag: Turn your words into beautiful text designs or caption your photos

Giphy: Finding the perfect GIF could not be easier

Photo Plastic: Reshape and simulate realistic plastic surgeries

Facetune: For taking great selfies on your iPhone

MakeupPlus: Take your selfie editing to the next level

Ripl: Custom animated posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Join Pinterest as a Business

Business pages offer additional features, benefits, and analytics that personal pages don’t offer, so it is well worthwhile. If you already have a personal page, you can convert it to a business page in a few clicks. Pinterest analytics can help you learn what and when to pin to get the most traction. Like all social platforms, even if you do not yet plan to get active on Pinterest, at least join as a business and reserve your name for the future.

You can use up to 200 characters to describe your clinic in the About section. Add some keywords or phrases based on Google Analytics to see what drives people to your website. Add a description to take advantage of search engine optimization on Pinterest that is clear and to the point. Include links back to your website or blog, as your website is your marketing mothership.

Try to reserve content exclusively for Pinterest that is not used in the same way on other platforms. Facebook and Twitter content does not really perform well on Pinterest; there is an inherent difference in the user experience and desired formats. Search for relevant businesses, organizations, media, and colleagues to connect with them on Pinterest. Pinterest offers many options for content creation, including videos, slide shows, and podcasts, in addition to images of all kinds.

Pinterest Best Practices

Like Instagram, the most attractive and visually appealing images get liked and repinned the most. For example, infographics and beautiful photography from magazines rate high. The strategy of charting the history of a brand, product, or treatment through an archive of images is also popular.

Pinterest is not a platform where purely self-promotional content will go far. To use Pinterest for your clinic, start pinning from various sources rather than just your own site. Pinning from within Pinterest is the best way to engage with other users and build a robust network. Use descriptions of your pins strategically to increase optimization. You want to ensure that your pins are findable, and include a reference link back to your website to drive traffic where relevant, without overdoing it.

To make sure your boards and pins look appealing, pay attention to the size of your images. Long, skinny pins tend to be the most clicked-on image sizes because they require you to click on them so you can see the full size to read. Pinterest forces you to think more visually.

Pinterest is about celebration and inspiration. Eyes, lips, nails, and legs are popular. Fashion is always good. Ditto for celebrity content. You should add a caption on every pin that you post so that it is more recognizable and relatable to your brand. Inspiration on Pinterest comes in many forms, with pins that share quotes, art, movies, books, actors, celebs, special events, and more. Quotes are a particularly rich source of repins. Travel images of great places are also good. Create your own inspirational pins by using famous quotes or creating your own, and add your logo to make them uniquely yours. Continually pinning, repinning, following, and refreshing pinboards is important to keep your followers engaged.

Creating Boards

Get started on Pinterest by creating boards. Boards are the cornerstone of the Pinterest platform, and you can create as many as you like, and be as specific as you want to be. Of the boards found in search results for “Pinterest for business,” those that appear on the top of the list include keywords directly in the board name. Strive to make your boards more findable. Use boards to reflect the issues that are in line with your brand and to stay visible and interesting to your followers. As you plan new Pinterest boards, consider how seasons, holidays, and events dovetail with your social media calendar. Pinterest boards will be more discoverable via search when the board name contains keywords. Consider creating boards for holidays, seasons, and general beauty themes that are relevant to your target audiences. Pinboard traffic is affected by seasons and holidays. Seasonal boards can be updated each year and relocated to the bottom of your profile page as you add content to them when you run across it.

Designate Boards for Aspects of Your Practice

Curate boards that share information of interest to your target audience, as well as boards that relate to your practice. Create at least a few boards that cover a broad range of interests, rather than maintaining a single board devoted to one topic (like laser resurfacing or rhinoplasty) or your practice alone.

Start with a handful of themes and add boards aligned with them, and pin images that are visually attractive and aligned with the theme. For example, show users where you are and how they can find you with visuals. Include a board for a charity you may be active in, or an event that your clinic is participating in. Include boards that are not entirely related to your practice so as to open engagement with a wider range of audiences.

To collaborate with influencers, colleagues, or partners on Pinterest, create a group board and invite users to pin to your board. Your invitees can contribute to the board, but as the creator, you will be the only person able to change the title and description. You can also remove pinners and any inappropriate pins from the board.


  1. Holidays
  2. Seasons
  3. Inspirational quotes
  4. Cosmetics
  5. Skincare tips
  6. Body Shaping
  7. Anti-aging
  8. Beauty tutorials
  9. Bridal beauty
  10. Famous people
  11. Celebrities
  12. Eco-friendly beauty

The goal of engagement on Pinterest is to get repinned or shared; it is not just about followers.

Make sure your website images are found when users are searching the web for pins. Name your images with keywords so they are search engine friendly, and incorporate hashtags into your pins for increased visibility.

Use Pinterest to identify influencers who already have the attention of your target audience. Start by following them and repinning the content you like. Like their pins and make comments to start a dialogue. As with most social platforms, liking someone’s pins will encourage them to like you back. Engaging with other commenters is an important aspect of Pinterest. Make sure your social media community managers respond to the comments and questions users post on pins. Take the time to share meaningful comments on influencers’ boards.

Exploring Rich Pins

Pinterest has five types of rich pins that let you add topic-specific details to a pin:

1. Article pins include the headline, author, story description, and link.

2. Product pins include real-time pricing, availability, and where to buy.

3. Recipe pins include ingredients, cooking times, and serving info.

4. Movie pins include ratings, cast members, and reviews.

5. Place pins include an address, phone number, and map.

Decide which you want to apply for, add the appropriate metatags to your site, and validate your rich pins. Use rich pins to give users more relevant information about the pins that interest them. Use rich pins in moderation for key content to get more engagement.

What Not to Do

Do not create boards named Rhytidectomy, Blepharoplasty, Fractional Lasers, and so on. Choose consumer-friendly health and beauty themes. Before and after photos of a 65-year-old woman who had a neck lift will not perform well on Pinterest. However, an after picture of an attractive patient who had a great result is appropriate. Avoid anything too clinical, bloody, or graphic. A picture of a laser is also not visually interesting. This is the polar opposite of what Pinterest is all about.

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest offers some good options for promoting your pins in the form of Promoted Pins that you pay for to get your content seen by more users. Pinterest ads can be very affordable and help generate traction for your boards.

Pinterest offers three types of ad campaigns:

•Awareness campaigns—These aim to get you noticed by pinners who do not already know you. You pay per 1,000 impressions.

•Engagement campaigns—These are designed to encourage pinners to interact with your content by repinning or clicking on your Promoted Pins. You pay per engagement action.

• Traffic campaigns—These are used to send people from your Pinterest ads directly to your

website. You Pay Per Click.

The process is the same for creating all three types of Promoted Pins, so dive in and get started on your first Pinterest ad campaign.

All social platforms now require some level of investment in the form of ads and promoted content to be seen and deliver results. You work hard, curate content, create graphics, write copy, and nothing happens. It is frustrating and demoralizing. Without some paid boosts, your efforts will not deliver sufficiently measurable results, which accounts for the drop-off rates on social media. It is common to get frustrated at stalled engagement or limited follower counts, but I promise you there will be rewards longterm for those who stick it out. Don’t give up!

To Sum it up:

  • Pinterest is a photo sharing platform that can be a good source for your aesthetic clinic marketing as it is widely used by women.
  • Pinterest is a format for spreading joy and sharing inspiration. so avoid posting pictures with blood, surgery e.t.c
  • Think of Pinterest as complementary to your main social media channels and consider posting when you have good content to share that suits your online message.
  • Engage consumers with images of your practice, including products and treatments, and offer up a more personal look at the doctors, staff, and mission.
  • Create boards with keywords in the title. Designate Boards for Aspects of Your Practice.
  • Do not create boards named Rhytidectomy, Blepharoplasty, Fractional Lasers, and so on. Choose consumer-friendly health and beauty themes.
  • Use Pinterest ads to get ahead.

Want more details or have some questions? Schedule a 15 minute consultation call with our Inbound Marketing experts absolutely free.



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